Bodolf Nelthar
Important Information
Race Nord
Gender Male
Born N/A
Family N/A
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Height 6'7
Weight 201 lbs
Other Information
Affiliation Nelthar Clan
Weapons N/A
Home Skyrim
"Fur as white as the snow, bloodred eyes and armor as black as night. That's how you know, that you stand face to face with the Werewolf King."
Nait Nelthar on Bodolf's Werewolf form.

Bodolf Nelthar is a Powerful Werewolf and the most powerful lycanthrope in the Nelthar Clan.


A cold and fearless man. Bodolf Stops at nothing to achieve his goals.


Bodolf's past is quite mysterious. All that is known about him is that he was born in Skyrim and has been there his whole life.

Bodolf became a werewolf at a young age, he had killed a werewolf and decided to eat it's meat and drink it's blood. This resulted in him becoming a full fledged werewolf. He went on a rampage throughout Skyrim clearing caves of both bandits and forsworn. Ripping apart anyone in his path and he fed. As he fed his powers continued to grow and his bloodlust as well, eventually hircine contacted him, impressed with his abilities hircine granted him a gift. His black armor which he wears as a werewolf.


Bodolf's werewolf form

A few years later he joined the companions and quickly became a member of the circle, even as man Bodolf was strong.

At some point he met Nait Nelthar but unlike most other Nelthar members Bodolf was not saved neither was Nait. Their meeting resulted in a long and bloody fight between the two. They both fell to each other ending the fight in a tie.

Nait was of course impressed with the man and told him ot join his family, which is how Bodolf became a Nelthar.

Bodolf tends to go on a rampage throughout Skyrim and occasionaly crossing into cyrodiil. Not only does he feed on humanoids, he feeds on spiders, trolls, giants and even other werewolves.