The Dawnguard is an order of vampire hunters based in Fort Dawnguard, a secluded fortress in The Rift. They are fiercely determined to rid Skyrim of vampires, and their signature weapon is the crossbow. They also have a rivalry with the Volkihar Clan.


  • Agmaer - Nord vampire hunter
  • Arannir - Bosmer vampire hunter
  • Arinbjorn - Nord leader
  • Bagrim - Orc vampire hunter
  • Beleval - Bosmer vampire hunter
  • Blythe - Breton vampire hunter
  • Bran - Husky war dog
  • Celann - Breton vampire hunter
  • Durak - Orc vampire hunter
  • Florentius Banius - Imperial alchemist and Restoration trainer
  • Frakig - Nord vampire hunter
  • Gunmar - Nord blacksmith, Smithing trainer, and armored troll tamer
  • Gunngeir Eagle-Eye - Nord vampire hunter
  • Ingjard - Nord vampire hunter
  • Isran - Redguard former leader and Heavy Armor trainer
  • Jacques - Breton vampire hunter
  • Lynoit - Nord field agent tasked with refilling Dawnguard caches
  • Mogrul - Orc vampire hunter
  • Ollrod - Nord vampire hunter
  • Saliah - Redguard field agent tasked with refilling Dawnguard caches
  • Scoelang - Husky war dog
  • Sorine Jurard - Breton general goods merchant and Archery trainer
  • Tralon Hawker - Redguard-Breton vampire hunter
  • Valund - Nord vampire hunter
  • Vanik - Nord vampire hunter
  • Vori - Nord vampire hunter

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