Eldrich Van Caffwen
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Nicknames None
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Other Information
Affiliation Imperial Cult

Eldrich Van Caffwen was a Breton cleric that was sent to Skyrim sometime during the Civil war.


Eldrich is very merciful and patient. He is disciplined and calm, and his temper is very cold.



Eldrich was born in Bravil some time during the 4th era but his parents quickly moved to Skingrad

Imperial CultEdit

Eldrich joined the Imperial Cult some time during the 4th era since he was devoted to the divines.

Great WarEdit

Eldrich was not involved and didn't fight during the great war he was on a mission in High Rock.

Civil WarEdit

After Eldrich completed his mission he wasn't needed until the Skyrim civil war began thus he was sent to Skyrim with another cleric named Bavianus.


"What is wrong with you people!? Talos wasn't mere mortal he was a great mortal and so what if he may not have ascended to godhood he wasn't a mere mortal he was a great mortal and a great emperor"
―Eldrich having a speech


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