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Endriel Nightheart is a Bosmer thief, formerly known as Tribune Endriel Nightheart, that lives in Riften. She spends the majority of her time with the Skyrim Thieves Guild doing heist and burglary jobs. She has gained many friends in the guild, including Allysa Ice-blade, Jim (formerly, he left the guild), Raptor,and Vandir, who is the master of the Cyrodiil Thieves' Guild.  She is in a romantic relationship with Arcum. 


Endriel has a slight build and blonde hair. She is about 22 years old and prefers using a bow but will use long knives if she must.


Endriel's father was an Auxilia Archer in the Imperial Leigon. He met Endriel's mother during a campaign, and they were married and had Endriel in Valenwood. They died when Endriel was a child. After keeping herself fed by doing some petty thievery and mercenary work, she joined the Imperial Leigon. She was a great soldier, keeping calm in times of crisis, and reached the rank of Tribune in two months. She was discharged due to slapping her Commanding Officer after being punished for breaking formation, even though it saved the mission from failure. She walked to the nearest city, Riften, and joined the Thieves Guild.