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Important Information
Race Nord
Gender Male
Born 12th of Rain's Hand 4E 180
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Nicknames Fjalin Bear-Fighter
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Other Information
Affiliation Companions
Weapons Custom Steel Greatsword
Home Skyrim

Fjalin Bear-Fighter was a Nord member of the Companions.


Fjalin is humble and quiet. He faces every situation with optimism and openly despises racism.



Fjalin was born in Whiterun on the 12th of Rain's Hand in 4E 180. His mother died during childbirth and so he was raised only by his father.


Fjalin joined the Companions as a young man, as it had been a dream of his since he was but a boy. His father supported the Companions and seen it only right that his son joined up with them.

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