Important Information
Race Nord
Gender Male
Born 10th of Sun's Height, 4E 180
Family Thorstein (father)
Gunngeir Eagle-Eye (older brother)
Status Alive
Nicknames None
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'11"
Weight 198 lbs
Other Information
Affiliation Unnamed caravan
Weapons Dwarven Sword
Home Skyrim
"Gunngeir is the best fighter I've ever seen. Not only for his prowess in combat, but for his ability to stay positive and confident through anything. Even after his wife's death, he maintained a positive attitude. He's also a great, caring father who has done so, so much in order for his daughter to live a good life. He's my hero."
―Freyr on his older brother, Gunngeir

Freyr was the younger brother of Gunngeir Eagle-Eye and the youngest son of Thorstein.

Early lifeEdit


Traveling caravanEdit