Nait Nelthar
Nait AncestralGarb01
Important Information
Race Imperial-Breton
Gender Male
Born N/A

Nilya Nelthar (Sister)

Naritin Nelthar (Son)
Tolinai Nelthar (Daughter)
Naerion Nelthar (Son)

Status Deceased
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Other Information
Affiliation Nelthar Clan
Weapons N/A
Home Cyrodiil

Nait Nelthar is a powerful mage with mixed blood from Breton and Imperial ancestry. He is the leader of his own clan, the Nelthar Clan.

He controls the wind at will.


Nait is quite the unpredictable person; getting involved with him or his family may lead to either great glory or great destruction or anything in between.


Nait has relatives leading all the way back to the First Era. A half Elf under the alias Ultima Nelthar was the first one to bear the name.


Nait was born to Volkarion Nelthar and one of his many lovers, At a young age he was trained by Volkarion himself as well as Praiyso which trained every single one of his ancestors.

At the age of 17 Nait went on a voyage around Nirn gathering knowledge and power. at some point in his travels he acquired a most peculiar power, The Ability to control the wind at will.

At age 20 Nait mastered his power over the wind completely.

At the age of 22 Nait Got his first son Naritin Nelthar. And at age 25 Tolinai was born. Finally Naerion was born at the age of 42.

Soon after Nait was killed by Ultima Nelthar returning to the land of the living possessing Naerions body and destroying Skingrad completely.


Nilya Nelthar - (Younger Sister)
Naritin Nelthar - Eldest Child(Son)
Tolinai Nelthar - Middle Child(Daughter)
Naerion Nelthar - Youngest Child(Son)