Neddre is a male Khajiit warrior.  He lives in Whiterun, but has an estate, Lakeview Manor, in Falkreath.  He has the unique Neddrean Armor and his father's helmet, Ra'kheran's Helmet.

Early LifeEdit

Neddre was born and raised in the city of Orcrest, in Elsweyr.  He lived in horrible poverty with his father, Ra'kheran, and his mother, Khadashi.  His father severely beat him when he was a kitten.  When he turned 13, he ran away from home, and fled to Leyawiin, where he was captured and taken to Morrowind to a secret slaver cave in the southeastern region of the mainland.  He was held there until he was eighteen, and then he snapped the necks of Orcum gro-Orc and J'shassa and Aluris Dunleri, his captors.  He then fled to Ald'ruhn, on Vvardenfell, where he worked as the innkeeper's apprentice for three years, and then fled to Skyrim, and was captured by Imperial soldiers on mistake.  

Neddre escaped a fearful dragon attack there, and continued on.  No one knows where he may be lurking, but he is renowned by the public, and is said to stalk the Falkreath graveyard at midnight (not true).  Jarl Siddgeir himself once sent a letter to him asking for him to be the Thane of Falkreath.