Philippe Dé Leon
Important Information
Race Breton
Gender Male
Born Unknown
Family None
Status Dead
Nicknames None
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Other Information
Affiliation Illiac Bay Guardsmen
Weapons Shiny Custom Steel Claymore
Home High Rock

Phillipe Dé Leon was a General of the Illiac Bay Guardsmen.


Philippe was an extremely humble and polite man. He was also a confident duelist.


Childhood and BirthEdit

Philippe was born in Wayrest sometime during the Fourth Era. It is suspected he was the bastard son of a nobleman and his servant. This led to him being called Phillipe the Bastard.


Philippe helped create the Illiac Bay Guardsmen with Robent the Brave after Robent came to believe that the Empire was not giving much attention to the Illiac Bay region of High Rock.

Second Great WarEdit

Philippe was killed near the end of the High Rock War on the seas.


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