Roggar was a Nord adventurer.


Early LifeEdit

Roggar was born on the 6th of Hearthfire, 4E 175, in Riverwood. He continued to live there until becoming an adult.

Adult LifeEdit

Roggar decided to adventure after leaving Riverwood. He travelled to Whiterun, and after staying at an inn there for a few days, left and travelled in the east.

He decided to live in Windhelm for a while. He learned smithing teqniques and was able to make and sell weapons and armor, giving him money in return. After almost a year of living in Windhelm, though, he left again, to travel around Eastmarch.

Eventually, he went north, to Winterhold. He stayed there for a few months and helped the people of Winterhold. He even crafted weapons and armors for the city guard. He left after a few months, deciding to travel to Solitude on foot.

After reaching Solitude, he found nothing to do there, and left to travel to Falkreath on foot.


Roggar is an only child. His mother and father live in Riverwood.


Roggar uses an iron shield and wears scaled armor, and has a steel sword as his weapon. Being quite skilled with the sword and shield, Roggar has a good defense with his iron shield and a deadly offense with his sword.


  • One-handed
  • Blocking
  • Light Armor
  • Smithing