aka Daelyx lex Auphydas

  • I live in Citadel of Shatrafal
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is Phoenix prince of Cyril Aldyrax
  • I am Agendered
  • Dyrcaend

    So, Shadowfire has been pretty empty.

    I dont care.

    I am starting an RP tomorrow, come whoever may but after this I wont be for a while. its going to be some mix of chat and forum, based on my long-term development planning system. Which im resetting, btw.

    So, if you want, cmon. And important information contained within:

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  • Dyrcaend

    So I was sitting thinking about a great many things. One of those was an eloquent way to say this.

    I decided, screw that.

    Where the fuck are all of you? I was just looking at a timeline of another wiki (warhammer fanon wiki.) and hey you want to know what? It looks like they have had less RP's than us, but still somehow has more activity. You know why? They are more engaging. We dont ever fucking do anything around here, we just sit around. Even when we RP, the RP's last around twenty minutes and never go anywhere.

    Sigh. This is why I like forum RPs...

    So you know what? Screw that. I am going to Shadowfire, im going to work on it all more or less from scratch now, and anybody who is with me come. Otherwise, fine. But screw this, im going to Sh…

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  • Dyrcaend

    I posted a blog post a little while ago. No replies... Is my prescense around here even relevant anymore? I dont really know anymore, and I dont know ANYTHING that has happened recently at all...

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  • Dyrcaend

    New RP chain for Chosen

    October 26, 2013 by Dyrcaend

    well, I havent done anything with the chosen for a while, and I was thinking I would like to now... I have come up with a bunch of ideas, stuff with the darkness... So who is up for a bit of Chosen RPing?

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