Many of you know why and how this happened.

Do not discuss it.

But the VSTF have gotten me.

Hopefully I will be back.

If I am not back in over a week, then wait an entire year from the day I am declared MIA for adoption on my characters.

Remi will safekeep my characters until I am back if the year has passed.

Now the thanks.

Remi, you have been a great man to me. From the first time I was here you were nice to me, helped me, insulted the hell out of me, but it was fine. And I know we have been going through some tough times but I want you to know that you are always and will forever be along with this wiki and everyone in it on my memory.

Lee, we've insulted each other, talked to each other, helped each other, and such. I will remember you. Go Scotland.

Bow, you've been a dear mate of mine, and I will forever hold in gratitude that you lifted my block on HaTeoAT. Cheers, buddy. Now go fuck some guys up for me, will ya?

Nick, you won't be reading this, but you were a close and great friend of mine. Your characters are safe with me, my friend. Safe and sound.

Spot, you are a badass girl. What more can I say? You were always in my all nighters and were always helpful, and I thank you for that.

Raniero, my master, you are a role model to me. You're such a great guy, man, and when the Asians conquer Australia, be safe in New Zealand.

Talik, you're such a great guy. When I'm gone take care of the Tanans for me, and be nice to them. You and I have had our own fair share of fights, but in my eyes, we're friends now.

Sheo, thanks for liking Nintendo. We got another good guy over here, brother.

- Sapphire

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