Gunngeir Eagle-Eye, Prologue

My Stormcloak brothers and I hike through the harsh southeastern hills of the Reach, pursuing a group of Forsworn rebels who were spotted by our scouts. I see one of the bastards as we come over the crest of a hill, and proceed to draw my bow and put an arrow into their heart. Another Forsworn rebel sees this, and alerts the others. 

I charge into battle with my men, and find myself fighting several Forsworn rebels. I quickly dispatch one, then turn around and knock a sword out of his comrade's hand before hacking into his leg and severing his head. I turn once more and kick a soldier in the stomach, hack at another, and then finish off the soldier who I kicked. Turning a final time, I feel a blade pierce my abdomen, and I fall to the ground, painting the dirt around me a shade of crimson like no other.

Gripping my abdomen, I struggle to keep breathing. Eventually, the Forsworn are killed, and my closest friend, Horik Flameheart, begins to approach me, distressed. However, my second-in-command, Svogrelh, orders the men to leave me behind, claiming that we would not be able to carry my body during the difficult hike back to Fort Sungard.

Some time after my men have left, I manage to stand; I begin shakily making my way towards Whiterun. By the time I arrive, my cuirass is stained dark red and a trail of my blood lies behind me. As I am nearing the gates, I collapse. Two guards rush over to me and do what they can for my wounds before hauling me to the Temple of Kynareth.

But that's almost twenty-three years into my life... Let's go back to where it all began on the 19th of Evening Star in 4E 175, in Solitude.