Hey guys whats up your favorite mod sheo here (maybe idk) to bring to you SKYRIM PS3 SPEEDMOD SAVE FILE REVIEWS thats a mouthfull huh? anyway i finally got them working turns out i had the wrong software so thats why couldn't open them but now i have opened them and got a taste of the mods :P isn't that awesome? so on this blog i will now be discussing PS3 Speed mods whenever i decide to post because i find them interesting.

Speed mod 1 Playable Dremora

you start out in rarikstead on a heavily modified shadowmere and you actually are a dremora 7 feet tall and everything horns? you got em anyway you are INVINCIBLE no health bar infinite stamina this mod is just for people who want to fucking wreck skyrim it is fun as shit i will link the mods whenever i find them again im gonna try the playable giant mod soon and probably post a review but anyway dremora mod score? 10/10 it is pretty awesome and fun as fuck to just go around slaugtering people. now i know some people will say thats not really a indepth review but THATS IT you are a all powerful dremora decked out in daedric armor WHATS MORE TO EXPLAIN?!

Speed Mod 2 Giant

I posted this earlier then expected because IT WAS A LETDOWN! your not a giant well you are but just a giant version of yourself....THATS IT NOTHING IS CHANGED OTHER THAN YOUR SIZE....f\ucking stupid 0/10

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