"Thalmor, Imperials, Stormcloaks, It doesn't matter who I steal from as long as I make coin and follow Nocturnal. But, don't think I have no sense of honor. If you are my friend, I will never betray you."
Vandir the Shadow is an Imperial thief who lives in the Imperial City.


He comes from a long line of master thieves dating back to the 1st era. His father was a Nightingale and the leader of the High Rock Thieves Guild, and his mother is a successful alchemist. His father taught him the arts of thievery and the code of thieves. His mother taught him the joy of Alchemy. His father was murdered when Vandir was 18. After his father's death Vandir traveled to Skyrim, to join the Thieves Guild, and continue his Family's legacy.


Now age 25, Vandir is the leader of the Cyrodil Thieves Guild and lives in a large manor in the Imperial City, named Gold Meadow Manor.

He wears Guild Master armor most of the time, and wears his Nightingale armor on Special occasions.


Alchemist (Formerly)

Blacksmith (Formerly)

Thieves Guild-Guild Master



War is good for business. When wars are fought, opportunistic thieves get rich.

Sometimes I think about what I've done, what I've stolen, and I call myself an evil man. But, is one truly evil for following in his ancestors' footsteps?

If you heard what any soldier has done without knowing his profession, you would call the soldier evil. Yet, people adore soldiers for killing.

The Stormcloaks say that they are fighting for Skyrim's freedom, yet they hate any Skyrim citizen that is not a Nord.

The Empire is dead and weak, but at least they pretend to be fair.

Some may call me an evil bastard, but do I look evil to you?

Sometimes I think about what I could have done if I hadn't become a thief, but then I remember that I would be a disgrace to my ancestors if I hadn't joined the guild.

Should I have refused the Nightingale pact? Maybe...but at least in death I can do what I love, I bet that most of the people on Nirn can't say that about themselves.

Some say that thieves are evil and cruel. But, at least we don't kill, like soldiers and the Dark Brotherhood.