Vilanni Visceria Vitrii, also known as "Threevee," was born in Valenwood in the Fourth Era. Having discovered an innate sense of rebellion, she committed many acts of defiance against her community, including dying her hair often, and becoming a vegetarian. These impulses earned her a one-way ticket out of Valenwood. She traveled to Skyrim, where they thought she would be able to express her rebellious nature more freely. She lives in a small home in Windhelm.


Vilanni has rich auburn hair and golden eyes. The former is neck length and choppy. She has a small nose and mouth.


Vilanni wears leather armor and a black longcoat, as well as a crimson scarf.


Threevee is bubbly, and extremely intelligent. Her rebellious interests reflect through her personality, making for a very interesting character. Her split personality doesn't interfere with her general attitude. She often finds many ways to celebrate the importance of non-spectral colours. She is a known bisexual, and many resent her because of it.